Visionsafe EVAS now available on Legacy and Phenom aircraft


VisionSafe has announced that EVAS (Emergency Vision Assurance System) is now available on the Legacy 600 and 650 and Phenom 100 & 300. It will be offered as a supplemental type certificate (STC) on the Legacy aircraft and on the Phenoms as loose equipment.

EVAS is the only FAA-certified cockpit smoke displacement system available within the aviation industry. In addition to the Legacy 600/650 and Phenom aircraft, VisionSafe will soon have STCs available for the Lineage 1000E and Praetor 500 and 600.

“Embraer has always emphasised safety as one of their most important pillars with all of their aircraft,” said Chris Skurat, director of sales for Business Aviation at VisionSafe. “This partnership with Embraer expands a longstanding relationship that now continues with their innovative business aviation models.”

EVAS provides a clear space of air through which pilots can view their flight instruments and through the windshield to help them safety land their aircraft in the event of a cockpit smoke emergency. There are now over 8,000 units worldwide in operational use.

For details about EVAS Systems, contact Chris Skurat; Director of Sales, Business Aviation; [email protected] or telephone: +1 732-616-8718.