Sichuan Xilin Fengteng purchases two helicopters


Eurocopter signs purchase agreement with company based in South West China

Eurocopter China and Sichuan Xilin signingSichuan Xilin Fengteng
General Aviation announced at a signing ceremony that they had ordered from
Eurocopter China
two helicopters, one EC120 B and one EC135 helicopter, both to be delivered by
mid-2012. As a newly registered operator, these will be Xilin Fengteng’s first
two helicopters, for use in multiple missions including aerial photography,
passenger transport, forest fire-fighting, business charter, emergency medical
service, pilot training, etc.

Based in Deyang, Sichuan Province, Xilin Fengteng became Eurocopter China’s first
customer in South West China. This success is a result of Eurocopter China’s expansion efforts that included the
opening of the Chengdu
liaison office for the South Western region in early 2011, one of its seven
offices around the country.

“We have great respect for Xilin Fengteng’s long-term strategy to become a key
player in general aviation in the South Western region,” noted Eurocopter China
chief executive, Bruno Boulnois. “Eurocopter is the only foreign manufacturer
to have a subsidiary in China,
with an office in Chengdu
to provide proximity services to emerging customers. Our common vision paved the
way for this successful ‘marriage’ where we will work hand-in-hand with Xilin
Fengteng to provide a one-stop solution for our customers’ general aviation
needs in Sichuan Province.”

Lin Xiaobo, chairman of Xilin Fengteng, expressed his delight in partnering
Eurocopter, “This union bodes well for the future of general aviation in this
region. We have always been keen admirers of Eurocopter and its products; this
acquisition marks a great start for us and we look forward to bringing this
relationship to a higher level in the near future.”