MySky Quote launching as predictive charter costs tool


Business aviation spend management solutions provider, MySky, is launching MySky Quote, a predictive costs tool for the private jet charter industry.

MySky says the new tool will allow charter operators, pilots, family offices and corporate flight departments to forecast the cost of a flight with more than 96% accuracy. The tool also provides an estimate for each leg of the flight in under 10 seconds.

Kirill Kim, CEO and co-founder, MySky, says: “The past year has seen a huge increase in demand for aircraft charter as more people realised the value of private aviation. With some operators receiving over 100 requests per aircraft per day, manually responding to all of them became impossible. With MySky Quote we enable our clients to become more reactive, more accurate and more competitive, resulting in more bookings and a higher ROI [return on investment] for each flight.”

MySky Quote is available as a stand-alone product but can also be fully integrated with major scheduling platforms, say its creators. The tool also reportedly has an onboarding time of less than one hour.

Erica DaVeiga, sales manager, Europe, MySky says: “Having worked in the charter business for 13 years, I see MySky Quote as a game changer for our market. Automation allows charter teams to concentrate on what they do best: negotiate, amend, and take commercial decisions to get more deals over the line instead of accepting or declining an unreasonable number of trips.”

MySky Quote is currently available for European customers, with the US launch scheduled for late 2021.