FDM for Falcon operators


Dassault offers flight data management for Falcon operators

Dassault is now offering a
flight data monitoring (FDM) service designed and tailored specifically for
Falcon operators. The system has been shown to improve safety of flight and has
become standard for commercial airlines.

“Flight data monitoring
and analysis should be a major component of any flight department safety
management system,” said Jacques Chauvet, senior vice president, customer
service for Dassault Falcon. “The new FDM service is custom-built for
Falcon operators and demonstrates Dassault clear commitment to safety and
service, beyond design and manufacturing, he added.”

Operators will be able to
identify events such as unstable approaches and deviations from standard
operating procedure, among other parameters. As part of a safety management
system, operators can then tailor training and apply corrective actions to help
manage risk. Analysis of flight data can also reduce maintenance costs.
Further, the tool will also help operators comply with regulatory requirements
in Europe, which require a flight data
monitoring system.

FDM is available to all
Falcon operators whose aircraft is equipped with a Quick Access Recorder (QAR).
Operators download data from the QAR using a laptop and upload it to the
dedicated website. Results can be available within minutes.

Dassault’s preferred
partners in the project, CAE Flightscape and RUAG, validate the data and
identify significant events that operators can use to further tailor training
programs and optimize flight operations. Participating Dassault Falcon
operators may also benchmark their flight operations against other operators in
a secure and confidential manner.