‘EU operators can fly to UK if No Deal Brexit’: UK government

'EU operators can fly to UK if No Deal Brexit’: UK government

The UK government says that all European airlines – including holders of Air Operator Certificates that operate business jets – will be able to fly into the UK even after a no-deal Brexit.

A 155-page No-Deal Readiness Report published today says that:

  • The Government has confirmed that EU airlines will be able to operate to and from the UK, mirroring EU measures maintaining rights for UK airlines.
  • The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the Government have provided comprehensive guidance to airlines and other companies in the sector to ensure they have all the necessary licences and approvals to operate after Brexit.

“A lot of work has been done by the UK and the EU in respect of aviation and what will happen in a “no-deal” scenario has been reasonably clear for quite a while, so there shouldn’t be any major surprises,” says Mark Bisset, partner at Clyde & Co. “The main area of uncertainty for business aviation is probably still in respect of customs duties and VAT.”

The government says that UK airlines operating to and from the EU will need to obtain a Part-TCO safety authorisation from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and an operating permit from every individual state they fly to. EU AOCs will need to apply for an operating permit from the CAA, their website provides extensive and detailed information on the actions that EU airlines need to take.

The reports says: “UK aviation personnel involved in the operation and maintenance of aircraft (pilots, cabin crew, engineers and air traffic controllers) will need to ensure they have obtained the relevant licences and safety authorisations from the CAA and EASA.”