Asking prices fall across all categories, apart from medium jets


Asking prices across all categories of business jets except for medium-size jets are falling, according to a new report from Asset Insight.

Although in the past month the asking price – the initial price at which an aircraft is offered on the secondary market – fell across all categories, the asking price for medium-size jets has increased by 11.2% since December 2018.

The medium-size category is one of the hotly contested segments in the market, with many new aircraft models vying for market share.

Asset Insight says that current market demand (which it calculates by using the average days on market and the percentage of the fleet for sale) in the medium-jet sector is mostly centered on the Bombardier Challenger 300 and Challenger 350.

According to Asset Insight, these models dropped in asking price over the past 90 days, with the Challenger 350 taking the biggest hit.

Only the Hawker 800A and Hawker 900XP in the medium-jet category saw increases in asking prices over the past 90 days.

“The quarter-over-quarter 90-day value eTrendTM forecasts average prices will continue to decrease, albeit more slowly than in recent periods, for all categories of aircraft, except for Medium Jets, which our forecasts indicate will see more rapidly decreasing prices in the next 90-days” said Tony Kioussis, president, Asset Insight, LLC. “Aircraft on the market continue to be of Very Good quality, and with prices continuing to decrease, buyers could have some excellent opportunities for optimum deals.”