JetSmarter launches in-app product and new routes


Sergey Petrossov

New York, NY – October 18, 2018 – JetSmarter, the world’s largest private aviation community, has launched a new in-app product to make air travel even easier and more affordable.

With crowdfunded flights, users will have the option to initiate a flight and choose the date and time of the departure, while the cost can now be equally shared with other flyers. When creating a crowdfunded flight, JetSmarter travellers will be able to search and book the newest flight routes available on the app, to regions including Miami/Fort Lauderdale, FL, Boston, MA, Washington, D.C., Jacksonville, FL, Naples, FL and Orlando, FL.

Historically, flight creators would cover the costs of the flight and would control the departure date and time, allowing flight finders to purchase a seat on existing flights found in the app or on the website. Through the crowdfunded option, both the creators and finders have the opportunity to initiate flights by booking only one seat and can cancel at any time before the flight is confirmed. By lowering the entry-price to create flights down to one seat, all users alike in the JetSmarter community can now initiate flights which will lead to infinite flight opportunities.

“This is a homerun for the JetSmarter community,” said Sergey Petrossov, Founder and CEO of JetSmarter. “The new product will allow for more flight creations between even more cities, giving new travellers the opportunity to experience JetSmarter’s service. The product is useful for both business and leisure travellers, as they’ll be connected with other users flying to conferences, corporate events, vacations, concerts, or sporting events, at a more affordable rate.”

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