Jet Linx opens Arizona private jet terminal


Management and jet card company Jet Linx has opened its newly constructed private jet terminal in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The company previously opened a private terminal in the same location in 2012 and began construction on the new terminal in summer 2021 to meet increasing demand.

The new facility includes a 30,000 sq ft hangar, central lobby with individual workstations, a private conference room, a kitchenette and refreshment bar. Jet Linx clients can gain direct access to the ramp and a private gate, enabling them to park on the runway and board from their vehicles.

Jet Linx said it also plans to enhance its private jet terminal facilities in Dallas and is set to complete its new 70,000 sq ft facility in Omaha in 2023.

“Our new location comes intelligently-designed to provide more convenience, cohesion and comfort for our members,” said Shooter Smith, Scottsdale Base vice president, Jet Linx. “Every aspect of our new facility was built in response to current and future needs as we continue to experience client growth and more flight activity”.

Earlier this year, Jet Linx announced further expansion, with the company resuming its jet card membership sales in January and expanding its leadership team in April.