Jaffa & Co launches Escrow Completion Services


Escrow Completion Services

Jaffa & Co, the Private Aviation and Superyacht law firm, has launched Escrow Completion Services, a standalone escrow service.

The purpose is to resolve the most frequent point of contention during the sale and purchase of assets – who should hold the monies and the documentation at completion – as well as taking care of ancillary matters such as the transfer of aircraft registration.

A response to an increasing number of requests from the aviation the industry, Escrow Completion Services provides absolute peace of mind when it comes to transaction completions.

Built on a platform of years of experience in facilitating, coordinating and advising on substantial asset transactions, and having handled assets valued at several billions of Dollars, Escrow Completion Services allows buyers, sellers and intermediaries to focus on the critical final stages of a transaction, safe in the knowledge that funds and documentation have been securely pre-positioned and will be released promptly when required.

Completion services are offered in US Dollar, Euro and Sterling currencies, with other currencies available on request.

Unique to the Escrow Completion Services product is the option to provide additional comfort in the form of Final Transactional Advice, which is provided jointly to both parties prior to completion by the team of experienced UK lawyers.

Funds lodged with Escrow Completion Services benefit from comprehensive protection in accordance with professional and regulatory controls, and are held in the firm’s insured client account.

Escrow Completion Services’ straightforward and professional approach to transactions means that all parties can rest assured that the completion process will be seamless.

Escrow Completion Services offers near-instant quotations online at www.EscrowCompletionServices.com