Four Corners Aviation Brand introduced by City+Ventures and Aquila Aviation Ventures


Brian Proctor

Dallas, Texas – Danny White, co-founder of Omaha’s City+Ventures and Brian Proctor, Chief Executive Officer of Aquila Aviation Ventures LLC, headquartered in Dallas, have partnered to launch the Four Corners Aviation brand, a new platform to serve unmet industry needs and leverage resources across entities to scale for future growth.

Four Corners Aviation is taking on a new challenge and offering fresh solutions. The business aviation industry has been focused on buying and selling or operating aircraft. Instead, Four Corners is looking at what consumers really want.

Providing Access to Customised Lift

“It’s not necessarily to buy or operate an aircraft. Consumers want access to what the aircraft provides: safe, simple, customized lift. They want a new way to fly, where they want it, when they want it,” said Cameron Gowans, President and COO of Four Corners Aviation

“City+Ventures and the Aquila Aviation Group are launching the new Four Corners Aviation brand, which includes a user friendly website, social media links and collateral. The Four Corners brand replaces the Millbrook Air brand. This is an exciting milestone as we see many opportunities under this new sustainable platform,” Gowans added.

Cameron Gowans

“Four Corners Aviation offers the most comprehensive suite of solutions in business aviation today,” said Brian Proctor, Chief Executive Officer of Aquila Aviation Ventures, which includes the Mente Group and Four Corners Aviation brands. “In the near future, Four Corners will offer several new products and services to support business aviation users such as Corporate Jet as a Service, Aircraft Management, and Jet Card Solutions,” he added.

Brian Proctor

Four Corners’ assets include an aircraft management and charter company headquartered at Stewart International Airport in New York, and a fleet of Cessna Citation, Embraer Phenom, Bombardier Challenger, and Gulfstream business jets. The business is an ARGUS Platinum Rated Charter Operator, which supports a diverse fleet based throughout the United States and operating around the world.

Taking Four Corners to the Next Level

Four Corners will move its aviation product offerings to the next level. Combining Mente Group’s market expertise and City+Ventures’ aviation assets and financial prowess, Four Corners will offer the industry new and disruptive products. In the long term, Four Corners will build a viable, thriving and dynamic operation, which will provide growth opportunities for everyone involved. This new brand will serve as a launch point for innovative products and services, taking advantage of unfulfilled segments in the aviation sector.

The Four Corners Value Proposition is straightforward, yet powerful. Through client understanding, industry expertise and the pursuit of simplification, the company delivers streamlined aviation experiences that reduce risk while protecting capital. Four Corners Aviation is a dynamic, multi-faceted company that thinks, sees and moves beyond the ordinary to achieve extraordinary results. For the Four Corners Aviation website go to

Cameron Gowans, Four Corners President and COO

Cameron Gowans, who heads Four Corners Aviation, has over 30 years buying, selling and operating business jets for large corporations and high net worth individuals based in North America and operating around the globe. Most recently, he was Vice President of Strategy for Mente Group. He was formerly President of Jet Linx Chicago. Prior to that role, he served as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at JetSuite.

His previous roles include Vice President, Sales at Embraer Executive Jets and Chief Marketing Officer at Flight Options, one of the largest private jet services company offering a fractional jet and membership program. He also worked at Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Gulfstream Aerospace, Bombardier Aerospace and the Cessna Citation program in management, sales and marketing.


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