FL3XX now compliant with TSA Secure Flight Final Rule


FL3XX’s CORE platform is now fully compliant with US Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Secure Flight Final Rule.

This update offers a streamlined approach to managing Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD). The TSA Secure Flight Final Rule mandates that all airlines and operators of commercial aircraft collect and transmit specific passenger information to the TSA. 

This information, essential for security screenings and watchlist matching, must be submitted within 72 hours before flight departure. The rule is designed to prevent people on no-fly lists from boarding aircraft, and ensure that those on the selectee lists are subject to additional screening procedures.

Paolo Sommariva, founder and CEO said: “This new enhancement to the FL3XX platform not only aligns with these federal requirements but simplifies the entire process. With features like one-click data submission and real-time status indicators, we are enabling operators to maintain compliance effortlessly, while also focusing on their core operational duties.”

The new feature is now available to all FL3XX users with the latest version of the FL3XX application or web platform.

Updated platform features include:

– One-Click Submission: Operators can now submit passenger information directly to the TSA

– Real-Time Status Indicators: Our traffic light system notifies users of the submission status, indicating successful transmissions and flagging issues.

– Timely Updates: The platform monitors submission timelines and updates status indicators, ensuring that all information is sent within the required 72-hour window before flight departure.

– Automated Change Tracking: FL3XX also automatically tracks any changes made to bookings and alerts operators when resubmission of SFPD is necessary due to amendments.

“Our commitment at FL3XX is to provide solutions that meet and exceed regulatory standards, ensuring that our clients are always ahead of compliance requirements and can operate with assurance in a secure environment,” added Sommariva.