ExecuJet MRO Belgium to provide line maintenance across Europe


ExecuJet MRO Services Belgium is set to provide line maintenance across Europe after approval from European regulators.

The maintenance firm can now provide line maintenance away from its Brussels Airport base using its mobile repair unit (MRU), meaning its engineers can travel to nearby countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, France and Luxembourg.

Usually, MRUs in Belgium are only able to respond to aircraft-on-ground situations. The Belgium Civil Aviation Authority granted approval for the MRUs to be used for line maintenance, which was then validated for other European countries by the European Aviation Safety Agency.

“Following strong demand from customers, there was a need for us to offer line maintenance at locations away from our home base,” said Christophe de Coppel, regional vice president of Europe, ExecuJet MRO Services.

“The requests from customers were ad hoc, so we decided to seek regulatory approval to have our MRU provide line maintenance,” he added. “Having this new capability helps us to reach a larger pool of customers and reinforces Belgium’s position as a centre for MRO in Europe.”

The firm’s parent company, Dassault Aviation, defended the private jet industry against “aviation bashing” in its presentation to investors last week.