Dassault Aviation fights back against ‘private jet bashing’


Dassault Aviation has defended the private jet industry against “aviation bashing” in its recent presentation to investors.

The OEM addressed concerns about sustainability in its results for the full year 2022 in a section headlined “aviation bashing”.  It said business jets have been targeted “since mid-2022 in Europe and especially in France” and compared the emissions of private aircraft with other industries that it claims emit more carbon.

The company said: “One year of global 2,100 Falcon fleet utilisation is equivalent to 24 hours of global video streaming, five hours of worldwide truck traffic or 2.5 days of the German thermic power plants.”

It added that all Falcon aircraft are certified to fly with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) mixes up to 50%.

In the conference call to investors, Éric Trappier, CEO, Dassault Aviation said: “We’re going to increase this capacity and we’re going to make sure that there are developments of new alternative fuels, especially E-fuels.”

The company also takes part in research programmes in France and across Europe to reduce fuel consumption through optimised aircraft design, it said.

In the results last week, Dassault said orders for its Falcon business jets increased by 25% in 2022 while its backlog rose to €4.7bn.

The Paris-headquartered OEM made the comments after France threatened a ban on the private jet industry in August last year.


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