Elit’Avia co-owner self-publishes own novel


Nick Houseman, founder of Zenith Jet and co-owner of Elit’Avia, has self-published his first novel.

Houseman says that he found the time to write the novel during many long-haul flights between the US and Asia & Europe.

Old Country Wounds tells the story of a young man who leaves Scotland in the 1960s to find his fortune in Canada.
After successfully striking it rich in oil, the lead character sells his company and returns to his native Scotland, where he uncovers a dark family secret.

With his mind set on revenge, the lead character then plots the downfall of an influential family, whom he blames for his own family’s death.

Having grown up in Scotland and then moved to Canada himself, the first act of the book would naturally draw comparisons with Houseman’s own life.

“My mother’s side of the family is Scottish, and I left Scotland for Canada as a young man but that’s where the similarities end – the rest of the book is pure fiction,” said Houseman.

The book is currently available as a hard copy or Kindle download from Amazon.