EASA approval for Nextant 400XT


Nextant Aerospace expects to receive EASA approval for the 400XT remanufactured business jet in the next 10 days.

Nextant Aerospace has announced that it will soon receive full certification by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which will enable the 400XT to be flown in service throughout Europe. Upon receiving its last supplemental type certificate (STC), which is expected in the next 10 business days, the Nextant 400XT will become the only remanufactured business jet to be certified by both the EASA and the FAA.

Achieving EASA certification will come as the first deliveries of the 400XT are being made to Europe. The second 400XT to be accepted for European registration will soon be delivered to a private buyer in Switzerland and will be managed by TAG Aviation, a leader in private and business aviation aircraft management throughout Europe.

“Last year, we announced final FAA certification of the Nextant 400XT in the US. Today, we are proud to be closing in on a comparable approval from the European Aviation Safety Agency, which will immediately make the 400XT available for service throughout Europe,” said Kenn Ricci, founder and chief executive officer of Nextant Aerospace. “The 400XT is truly a business jet for the European traveler because of its exceptional range, which enables flights originating in Western Europe to reach major destinations throughout the rest of Europe, Russia and the Middle East. We are confident that this approval will further boost sales in Europe, which already has proven to be one of the strongest markets for the 400XT.”

“No matter where you go, a universal theme among those interested in purchasing a business jet is the desire for best-in-class range coupled with low operating and ownership costs,” added Ricci. “The 400XT not only fulfills those criteria with its exceptional performance and operating economics, but it also can be acquired for half the cost of competing models. This recipe is making the 400XT the aircraft of choice for private aviation all over the world.”

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