Duncan Aviation early detection of surface corrosion


In 2011, Duncan Aviation performed 16 out of sequence paint removals. Already another 8 aircraft are scheduled in 2012.

Last year, Duncan Aviation
performed 16 out-of-sequence paint removals to accommodate early detection of
surface corrosion on business aircraft prior to inspection, and demand for the
service is increasing. Eight aircraft are already scheduled to receive
out-of-sequence strip and paint events in 2012, with more commitments pending.
Five events are currently in process.

Stripping an aircraft prior
to maintenance is a proactive approach to corrosion detection that buys extra
time for repairs. Duncan Aviation refers to this method of interrupting the
paint cycle as an “out-of-sequence” strip and paint event.

“Business aircraft fleets
are aging and with age comes a higher risk of corrosion” says Suzanne Hawes,
paint completions representative at Duncan Aviation Battle Creek “This program
helps detect aircraft corrosion before a major inspection begins, which can
save operators a month or more of downtime if major repairs are required.”

She continues “With
an out-of-sequence event, we can address the corrosion and minimize the impact
to the customer. It can really save downtime in the long run.”