Duncan Aviation’s Engineering & Certification Services releases two STCs for Honeywell Aerospace FMS NZ 6.1.1 & FANS


Lincoln, NEB — Duncan Aviation Engineering & Certification Services recently announced it has revised two Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs): One for the Honeywell Flight Management System (FMS) and the other for Future Air Navigation System (FANS). The revisions to the STCs allow Challenger 601, 604, 605 and 650 (CL-601-3A/R variant) owner/operators to upgrade their existing NZ-2010 FMS to version 6.1.1.

“The upgrade to the 6.1.1 software will take care of the FANS latency issue. The new software includes a message latency monitor to detect old Controller-Pilot Data Link Communication (CPDLC) messages that may no longer apply. Prior to the software fix, Air Traffic Control (ATC) could send a pilot a message, and it was possible for that message to get lost or delayed. If the pilot later received the outdated CPDLC message that said to climb to a different altitude but didn’t realize it was several hours old, the change in altitude could have devastating consequences. With this updated software, pilots will now be notified if the message is out of date,” says Duncan Aviation Certification Coordinator Russ Kromberg.