CJI Global 2020: Connectivity – The rise of distraction



Pick a path through the jargon and the marketing strategies when it comes to choosing a WiFi services provider and products, advised Kai Tang, Senior Vice President BGA, Inmarsat Aviation.

In his CJI Global 2020 presentation, Connectivity: The rise of distraction, Tang told delegates “My observation is we all suffer from jargon fatigue.” Based on more 20 years’ experience in satellite communications for the US Navy and now Inmarsat, Tang said: “It’s easy to get caught up in jargon and superficially simple number based comparisons of products without truly understanding the value and ultimately losing sight of why it even matters to you.”

He cautioned delegates against the distractions that can complicate informed decision making over connectivity providers and products. “Distractions are the cornerstones of clever marketing strategies,” he said. “They are bite-sized nuggets of seemingly simple concepts that aren’t factually false. But they have the goal of focusing your attention on one thing while waving off all the other important things.”

Tang highlighted: “Don’t let the trendy flavour of the day distract you from what matters most to you – particularly for something as important as your on board WiFi service provider.

“It’s not a decision to take lightly because it’s not a decision you can undo very easily.”