Cessna set for 100th Citation M2 delivery


Cessna is gearing up to deliver the 100th Citation M2.

  • Citation M2 gains high-elevation airport certification
  • Cessna will reach the 100th delivery milestone less than two years after the Citation M2 received its full FAA type certificate.

    The aircraft was rolled out from the manufacturers Independence Kansas manufacturing facility during October.

    “Since entering the market in December 2013, the Citation M2 has quickly become the best-selling business jet in its class,” said Kriya Shortt, senior vice president, Sales and Marketing, Cessna. “No comparable light jet can offer the M2’s combination of speed, range and payload, making it a great fit for customers in a wide variety of missions around the world.”

    The 100th aircraft will be delivered to Dallas-based Aviation Unmanned before the end of the year.

    “Our team is thrilled to take delivery of this special aircraft,” said Blake Stovall, CEO, Aviation Unmanned. “The M2 is a perfect platform to support our company’s dynamic operations. As a business with years of experience operating the world’s most technologically advanced systems, we appreciate what goes into these aircraft. Safety, reliability and unrivaled technology are critical elements to our business – all determining factors in our decision to select the Citation M2.”