BizJet International licensed as BBJ completion centre


Lufthansa Technik US subsidiary and Boeing have signed supplemental license agreement

Boeing and BizJet International, Lufthansa Technik’s US subsidiary, have recently signed a supplemental license agreement, giving BizJet  the status of a Boeing approved completion centre.

“BizJet’s membership in the BBJ completion network is a milestone for us to offer a comprehensive service portfolio to our VIP customers, especially in the US and the Asian market,” said Walter Heerdt, senior vice president marketing and sales at Lufthansa Technik. “BizJet has demonstrated in an impressive way its broad capabilities to deal with the special challenges in the very individual and extremely quality oriented VIP completion business for single-aisle aircraft.”

Kai Roepke, president and chief executive of BizJet International said, “We are very proud we have become an approved member of the prestigious completion center network for Boeing Business Jets. We are now able to offer refurbishment, completion and maintenance services for single-aisle aircraft of the two worldwide leading aircraft manufacturers.”

Roepke adds, “This forms the base for our business strategy to become one of the leading completion centers for single-aisle aircraft in the Americas and beyond, especially in China we see a large potential. Over the past two years we have already delivered three completion projects to Chinese customers and have currently further four projects in our order books, including a BBJ completion which was announced just a few weeks ago.”

In the past BizJet invested about US$6 million in the expansion of its infrastructure including the extension of shops, acquisition of new machines and employee training.