Air Partner edges NetJets in independent jet card comparison


Independent research comparing the jet cards offered Air Partner and NetJets Europe has identified Air Partner as having a pricing and service advantage over its competitor.

Air Partner jet cardA research report comparing the jet cards offered by UK-headquartered Air Partner and NetJets Europe has identified Air Partner as having a pricing and service advantage in four out of six areas and ranked the two products equally in the remaining two areas of the study.

“Both Air Partner and NetJets Europe offer a wide-range of private air transportation services with their card programmes,” concluded independent aviation consultants, Conklin and de Decker. “Air Partner’s JetCard pricing is inclusive and avoids the unknown of the fuel cost adjustment that NetJets Europe (and most other providers) charge.
“Based on current pricing and policies, the Air Partner JetCard is the lower cost alternative to the NetJets Europe Private Jet Card.”
The report compares the products offered by the two companies across six key areas: accessible service areas; notice period; aircraft choice; pricing; flexibility; and quality assurance, service and safety.
The latter area, along with notice period – both 24 hours – were the only areas where Conklin and de Decker did not identify AirPartner’s JetCard as having an edge over NetJets Europe’s Private Jet Card, but ranked the two products as “comparable.”
With more than 37 individual aircraft types, the report found that Air Partner offers more model choices than NetJets Europe, ranging from very light jets to transatlantic Global 5000s.
Conklin and de Decker identified Air Parner’s 25-hour Jet Card as having a “slight cost advantage” over its competitor, although NetJets Europe offer light jets for the cheaper price of €137,000, compared to Air Partner’s €142,000.
Having sanctioned the report in the interest of transparency, Air Partner has said they are “delighted” with the findings.
“All credit to NetJets, which has raised the profile and benefits of private aviation, but the sector is very competitive now and clients are looking to the benefits and advantages offered by other cutting edge products in today’s market,” said Simon Wheatley, manager of Air Partner’s private jets department.
“Many of our clients tell us that actions speak louder than words; they like the fact that we spend money on ensuring the best services, safety, prices and products, rather than just advertising how great we are.”
Netjets Europe declined to comment.

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