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As you know, these are unprecedented times for business aviation. Featuring speakers from around the world, we invite you to join your community on the award winning Corporate Jet Investor Town Hall as a way of staying connected and informed during this period.

Moderated by Alasdair Whyte, co-founder of Corporate Jet Investor, each week we will tackle a different issue or topic through the knowledge of as many expert participants as possible. Using cutting-edge event technology, throughout the session we will invite you to ask questions, make comments, chat with other participants and vote on our live polls.

Future Town Halls will cover aircraft sales, aircraft values and operating when restricted – or other topics that the audience chooses.
If you are interested in speaking at a Town Hall, please email Louisa Whyte at louisa@corporatejetinvestor.com 

Click the links below to sign up for the upcoming Town Halls:

You can view any meetings you might have missed here

What do we know, now
(30th September)

Speakers to be confirmed.

 It’s all about that (NBAA) BACE
(7th October)

A special episode for the week when we should have been meeting in person at NBAA-BACE 2020.
Speakers to be confirmed.

 The Mx Factor 
(21st October)

The Mx Factor – An episode looking at maintenance, PPIs and corrosion
Speakers to be confirmed.

Latest charter news 
(28th October)

Speakers confirmed so far:

Stuart Illiam, Bluetail

Aircraft sales 
(4th November)

Speakers to be confirmed.


Join your colleagues in Hong Kong for Horlicks, while your friends in Los Angeles sip green juice and gain an understanding on how Covid-19 is affecting business aviation worldwide.

Hong Kong/Singapore 2200
Dubai 1800
Johannesburg 1600
Paris 1600
London 1500
Miami 1000
Oklahoma City 0900
Los Angeles 0700

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