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As you know, these are unprecedented times for business aviation. Featuring speakers from around the world, we invite you to join your community on the award winning Corporate Jet Investor Town Hall as a way of staying connected and informed during this period.

Moderated by Alasdair Whyte, co-founder of Corporate Jet Investor, each week we will tackle a different issue or topic through the knowledge of as many expert participants as possible. Using cutting-edge event technology, throughout the session we will invite you to ask questions, make comments, chat with other participants and vote on our live polls.

Future Town Halls will cover aircraft sales, aircraft values and operating when restricted – or other topics that the audience chooses. If you are interested in speaking at a Town Hall, please email Louisa Whyte at [email protected] 

You can watch all the previous Town Hall meetings by clicking here or on the individual session titles below:

If you would prefer to listen to the Town Halls, all episodes are now available as podcasts. You can listen here or on Spotify and other popular podcast platforms.


Is it going to be a hard or soft landing? (And if not now, when?)
30th March 2022

Speakers include:

Jay Mesinger, Mesinger Jet Sales
Ford von Weise, Citi Private Bank
Wes Romaine, ACI Aviation Consulting
Josh Mesinger, Vice President, Mesinger Jet Sales
Adam Mesinger, Director of Business Development, Mesinger Jet Sales

Kindly Sponsored by:

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Update: The Ukraine Crisis
2nd March 2022

Speakers include:
David Hernandez, Vedder Price
Alan Cunningham, DLA Piper UK LLP
Robert Baltus, European Business Aviation Association
Richard Koe, WINGX
Paul Jebely, Withers Worldwide

Kindly Sponsored by Semaphore Intelligence

You can download a copy of David Hernandez’s slides here.

Expectations of business aviation transactions in 2022
(16th February 2022)

Speakers include:

Jack Gilchrist, Gilchrist Aviation Law
Peter Antonenko, Jetcraft
David Mayer, Shackelford, Bowen, Mckinley & Norton, LLP

Kindly sponsored by Gilchrist Aviation Law


The AAM Ecosystem 
(9th February 2022)

Speakers include:

Matthew Sattler, Supernal
Sheryl Barden, Aviation Personnel International
John King, Solairus
Ryan Waguespack, NATA
Adam Twidell, OneSky
Christophe Lapierre, Luxaviation
Ed Bolen, NBAA

Kindly sponsored by Supernal

Around the world in 2021
(8 December 2021)

 The final Town Hall of 2021 was round up the year and a look forwrd to what 2022 may have in store for the industry

Speakers included:

Chad Anderson, Jetcraft
Jack Gilchrist, Gilchrist Aviation Law
Aoife O’Sullivan, The Air Law Firm
Nilesh Pattanayak, Bombardier
Rouche Tellie, ExecuJet

View the Jetcraft 2021 market forecast here

What’s happening in Europe?
(23rd November 2021)

Speakers included:

Robert Baltus, European Business Aviation Association
Nick Davis, Instajet
Sarah Magee, Flightcare Global

Trends in inflight connectivity and 5G
(October 20th 2021)

Speakers included:

Jim Zanino, Gogo Business Aviation
Adrian Chene, Duncan Aviation
Oliver Stone, Colibri Aircraft
Lee Rohde, Essex Aviation Group

You can download a copy of Adrian Chene’s slides here 

 Kindly supported by Gogo Business Aviation


Closing before the end of the year
(6th October 2021)

Speakers include:

Keri Dowling, Air Law Office
Joe DiLallo, Huntington National Bank
David Dixon, Jetcraft
Mike Dwyer, Guardian Jet

Kindly supported by Air Law Office P.A.

Managing transaction risks 
(29th September 2021)

Speakers included:

David Hernandez, Vedder Price
Scott McCreary, McAfee & Taft
Paul Jebely, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman
Dmitry Karamyslov, Debevoise & Plimpton

If you would like to see Paul Jebely’s presentation referred to during this town hall, you can watch it here

You can find out more about Semaphore Intel here

Can technology improve processes?

(22nd September 2021)

Speakers included:

Lee Brewster, ATP Flightdocs
Shaan Bhanji, FlyEasy Software
Phil Brockwell, Quorem
Adrian Parsons, Aviation Data Solutions
Andy Nixon, MRO Insider


If you would like to see the slides shared during the session, you can download them here

Kindly supported by ATP Flightdocs


Can the charter boom continue?

(September 15th 2021)

Speakers included:

John Amato, Magellan Jets
Robert Baltus, EBAA
Nick Davis, Instajet Club Ltd
Greg Johnson, Tuvoli
Ryan Waguespack, NATA

Click below to view the slides shared during the Town Hall:


The elusive Fourth Quarters: 2020 vs 2021 
(1st September 2021)

Speakers included:

Jay Mesinger, Mesinger Jet Sales
Joe Moeggenberg, ARGUS International
Justin Murray, Universal Weather & Aviation Inc.

Rolland Vincent, Rolland Vincent Associates LLC

Kindly supported by Mesinger Jet Sales

Summer of charter 
(July 14th 2021)

Speakers included:

Harry Clarke, Avinode
Doug Gollan, Private Jet Card Comparisons
Nic Imrie, IW Aviation
Greg Johnson, Tuvoli

Richard Koe, WINGX
Anthony Tivnan, Magellan Jets


Will falling supply lift values?   
(23 June 2021)

Speakers included:

Richard Berkemeier, Pegasus Aircraft Appraisal Group
Chris Miller, Shearwater Aero Capital
Tony Kioussis, Asset Insight
Lisa Senters, Jet Senters Aviation

Looking beyond the US
(26th May 2021)
Kindly supported by Mesinger Jet Sales

Speakers included:

Jay Mesinger, Mesinger Jet Sales
Johan Blitz, UBS
Marine Eugene, Flexjet
David Paddock, Jet Aviation
Denzil White, Metrojet

As the world begins to open up again, we took a look at the latest news from the industry in different areas of the globe and what we a can expect as people begin to fly again

Get ready for the roaring Twenty Twenties
(12th May 2021)

What are the latest trends, where is the growth?

This Town Hall discussed where the Twenty Twenties are heading in the world of business aviation.

Speakers included:

Ian Moore, Vista Global
Shelley Svoren, Infinite Branches LLC
Ford von Weise, Citi Private Bank
Rev Professor William Whyte, University of Oxford

Changing habits of business aviation
(28th April 2021)
Kindly supported by Mesinger Jet Sales

Speakers included:

Jay Mesinger, Mesinger Jet Sales
Ed Bolen, NBAA
Stephen Friedrich, Embraer
Stewart Lapayowker, Lapyayowker Jet Counsel
Mike Silvestro, Flexjet


The mechanics of closing transactions
(14th April 2021)

As the business aviation industry begins to open up again, this Town Hall took a look at how the process of transactions has changed during the past year and what to expect in 2021 and beyond.

Speakers included:Joan Roberts, Insured Aircraft Title Service, LLC
Jeff Snowden, Aero-Space Reports
Jack Gilchrist, Gilchrist Aviation Law
David Hernandez, Vedder Price

Looking beyond Covid

(17 March 2021)

As Covid-19 regulations around the world change daily this Town Hall, kindly supported by Citadel Completions, discussed what the future of the industry might look like.

Speakers included:

Jolie Howard, L’Voyage
Shelly Freeman, BoldIQ
Peter Moe, BoldIQ
Alan Cunningham. DLA Piper
Dave Edwards, Windsor Capital 


Town Hall Special – The impact of federal investigations on aircraft transactions

 (5 March 2021)

An expert look at how the investigation into Wright Brothers Aircraft Title and Aircraft Guaranty Corporation will impact other transactions.

With a special focus on aircraft exports, non-citizen trusts and other key issues.


David Hernandez, Vedder Price
Jack Gilchrist, Gilchrist Aviation Law

Bringing in new fliers

(3 March 2021)

We took a look at how to keep the new fliers of 2020 returning and continue to bring in new faces during 2021

Speakers included:

Rene Banglesdorf, Charlie Bravo Aviation
Glenn Gonzales, Jet It
David McCown, Air Partner Inc.
Mark Molloy, Partners in Aviation
Peder von Harten, Nicholas Air

Sales & transactions update

(24th February 2021)

Kindly supported by The Air Law Office, this Town Hall took another look at the latest updates in aircraft sales and transactions, 

Speakers included:

Keri Dowling, The Air Law Office
Joseph Carfagna, Jr, Leading Edge Aviation Solutions

Janine Iannarelli, Par Avion Ltd.
Rohit Kapur, JetHQ


Getting the fleet back flying 

(17th February 2021)

Kindly supported by Citadel Completions this town hall looked at operating in the new normal – what has changed and how are we adapting to keep the fleet flying

Speakers included:

Tony Kioussis, Asset Insight
Steve McManus, GE Aviation
Lannie O’Bannion, Textron Aviation
David Wyndham, Wyndham & Associates


Looking to 2021
(13th January 2021)

This session looked at what the big stories will be for 2021 and where we see business aviation heading in the next 12 months

Speakers included:
Neil Book, JSSI
Jeffrey Emmenis, Vertis Aviation
Jay Mesinger, Mesinger Jet Sales
Steve Varsano, The Jet Business

Environment special
(16th December)

Sponsored by Clyde & Co

Speakers included:
Peter Coles, Clyde & Co
Nigel Brook, Clyde & Co
Charles Etter, Gulfstream Aerospace
Marie-Laure Gassier, BNP Paribas 

VBACE special 
(2nd December)
In conjunction with IADA

Although we were unable to meet in person at NBAA-BACE  this year, this special town hall episode brought everyone together as part of VBACE 2020

Speakers included:

Garett Jerde, Founder and Managing Director, JetHQ 
Michael Dwyer, President, Guardian Jet 
David Dixon, President, Jetcraft Asia 
Patrick Hosmann, Jr., Managing Partner, Southern Cross Aircraft 
Franco Curiel, Aircraft Sales Director, Aerolíneas Ejectivas S.A. de C.V. 
Emlyn David, CEO, Skyservice Business Aviation 

Post-election special
(11th November)

Watch part 1 again here
Watch part 2 again here

This episode discussed the latest impact on industry following the US election. The results might not all have been in by the time we started but there was still be plenty to talk about.

Speakers included:

Tim Obitts, NATA
Bob Zuskin, Jet Perspectives
Steve Varsano, The Jet Business
Jay Mesinger, Mesinger Jet Sales
Edward Kammerer, Greenberg Traurig, LLP


Getting in new customers
(28th October)

Adam Twidell, PrivateFly
Charles Porteous, Seefeld Group
Greg Johnson, Tuvoli
Mark Green, Volanteus
Janine Iannarelli, Par Avion
Francisco Zozaya, JSSI


 The Mx Factor 
(21st October)

The Mx Factor – An episode looking at maintenance, PPIs and corrosion

Speakers included:
Lee Brewster, ATP (Flightdocs)
Delray Dobbins, Pratt & Whitney Canada
Stuart Illian, Bluetail
Stuart Kirkwood, AlbaTechAero
Andy Nixon, MRO Insider


 It’s all about that (NBAA) BACE
(7th October)

A special episode for the week when we should have been meeting in person at NBAA-BACE 2020.

Speakers confirmed:
Ed Bolen, NBAA
Jay Mesinger, Mesinger Jet Sales
Wayne Starling, IADA
Jean-Noel Robert, Airbus Corporate Jets

What do we know, now
(30th September)

In this Town Hall, we asked the questions:

What is going on?
What have we learnt so far in 2020?
What will happen next!

Speakers included:

Joe Carfagna, Leading Edge Aviation Solutions
Giovanni Piccione, G&G Aviation
Steve Varsano, The Jet Business
Rolland Vincent, JETNET IQ

New ideas for the new normal
23rd September)
(sponsored by GE Aviation)

Looking at ways of making business aviation more efficient.

Speakers included:

Steve McManus, GE Aviation
Chris Marich, MySky
Adrian Parsons, Aviation Data Solutions
Byron Severson, Tally Ho!
Vicki Nakata, Stellar Labs
Paul Mulko, FlyEasy Software

Getting ready for the Fall
(9th September)
(Sponsored by by Aerlex)

As Autumn approaches, we took a look at what the key themes for the end of 2020 are going to be.

Speakers included:

Amanda Applegate, Aerlex Law Group
Kirsten Bartok Touw, AirFinance
Perla Fagundez, Aerowise
Viren Joshi, AirFinance
Stephen Kelly, Global AVX
Brian Proctor, Mente Group
Lee Rohde, Essex Aviation Group Inc.

Aerlex Law Group is a law firm based in Los Angeles, California, that advises business and corporate clients in the fields of corporate, tax, commercial, real estate, intellectual property and employment law. Aerlex also offers advice, advocacy and specialized expertise to clients in all areas of business aviation.

The future of charter, cards and jet sharing
(26th August)
(Supported by Avinode Group)

Speakers included:

Harry Clarke, Avinode Group
Phil Brockwell, Quorem
Peter Evans, Air Pool Ltd.
Richard Koe, WINGX
David Norton, Shackelford, Bowen, McKinley & Norton LLP
Andrew Douglas, Make Tech Fly

Explore the latest demand reports, analysis and success stories from Avinode Group here.

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The Avinode Group is a leading technology and data partner for the business air charter industry. The Avinode Group’s cloud-based ecosystem helps charter brokers, operators and flight departments succeed globally. The portfolio of services holds Avinode, Schedaero and Paynode.

(19 August)
(run in association with The Air Charter Association)

Speakers included:
Dave Edwards, CEO, The Air Charter Association
Debbie Camenzuli, Head of Customer Support, AirX
Leslie Cheshier, Vice President, Owner & Charter Services, Jet Aviation
Prerna Challu Fogat, Commercial Director, Air Charter International
Sergio Oliveira e Silva, Managing Director, Gama Aviation
Neil Harvey, Director, Hunt & Palmer

Finance, tax and all that jazz 
(5 August)

Speakers included:
Frederic Larue, Executive Vice President, Echo Aviation Leasing
Suzanne Meiners-Levy, Shareholder, Advocate Consulting Legal Group PLLC
Bob Wilke, AvRisk

Flying with Covid, problem transactions and new opportunities 
(22 July)

Speakers included:
Dr Simon May, Managing Director/Chief Medical Officer, Flightcare Global: Flying in the age of Covid-19
Derek Bloom, Partner, Atlantic Aviation Legal Services: What can go wrong with pre-owned transactions – based on a fascinating survey of litigation resulting from aircraft deals
Hamish Harding, Chairman, Action Aviation: How the industry needs to rethink to get deals done
Mark Hardman, Acting Executive, Vice President, Qatar Executive: On its new Diamond Agreement jet card product

Welcome to July
(1 July)

Speakers included:
Nic Imrie, I&W Aviation
Paul Jebely, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman (HK)
Zoë Layden, Falcon MGA Services
Stewart Lapayowker, Lapayowker Jet Counsel
Oliver Stone, Colibri Aircraft

Aircraft Values  
(24 June)

Speakers included:
Rene Banglesdorf, Charlie Bravo Aviation
David Crick, DavAir Group
Steve Varsano, The Jet Business
Joe Zulueta, Aeronautical Systems

Around the world in 60 minutes…again
(17 June)
(Supported by ACASS Ireland)

How are business aviation companies coping to the world after lockdowns?
Have existing customers returned and are new ones looking to fly?

Speakers included:
Graham Williamson, CEO, ACASS Ireland
Ian Moore, Chief Commercial Officer, VistaJet
Sarah Kalmeta, Head, AsBAA Discovery; Founder, Pivot Point
Scott Ashton, CEO, Aerox
Mike Francis, Managing Director – Aviation/Marine Finance, First Republic Bank
Andy Priester, CEO, Priester Aviation

Innovation special 
(3 June)

Speakers included:
Kirsten Bartok Touw, AirFinance
Andrew Douglas, Air Advantage
Stephen Kelly, Global AVX
Andrew Nicholson, Osprey Flight Solutions
James Prater, Rolls-Royce
Charles Porteous, Seefeld Group
Paolo Sommariva, FL3XX

EBACE special
(27 May)

We melted some cheese, cracked open a bottle of Swiss wine and settled down to hear what is happening in Europe. Taking place the week that EBACE was meant to, this Town Hall gave you that chance to catch up with friends around the world.

Speakers included:
Ed Bolen, NBAA
Marc Cornelius, 80:20 Communications
Dave Edwards, The Air Charter Association
Patrick Hansen, Luxaviation Group
Patrick Margetson-Rushmore, Luxaviation Group
Aoife O’Sullivan, The Air Law Firm
Graham Williamson, Sonas Aviation

Aircraft Transactions & Finance
(20 May)

This Town Hall asked the following questions:
Can you still find finance?
Can I use Covid-19 to pull out of deals?
Restructuring and repossessions

Speakers included:
Vivek Kaushal, President and chief operating officer, Global Jet Capital
John Farrish, VP Transactions, General Counsel, jetAVIVA
Edward Gross, Shareholder, Vedder Price and a member of the Global Transportation Finance team
Eric Lewin, Founder, Global Closing Room
Jim Simpson, Senior Managing Director, First Republic Bank

Selling during tough markets 
(13 May)

Looking at issues including:
How can you close aircraft deals when the world is in lockdown?
How do you get buyer’s attention at the moment?
Can business aviation benefit from grounded airlines?

Mark Connell, East Coast Jet Center
Dustin Cordier, jetAVIVA
Shawn Dinning, Dallas Jet International
Brian Foley, AvStrategies
Chris Ellis, Avpro Inc.
Fabrizio Poli, Orville Aviation
Oliver Stone, Colibri Aircraft

Flying through the storm
(6 May)

Survival strategies through the downturn
How companies are managing during the Covid-19 crisis and what is changing for the industry

Scott Cutshall, Clay Lacy
John Hewett, Universal Weather and Aviation
Chris Moore, Satcom Direct
Anthony Tivnan, Magellan Jets
Ed Underwood, Avsurance
Bob Zuskin, Jet Perspectives

We will fly again 
(29 April)

Looking forward to when the lockdown ends. This (hopefully) upbeat Town Hall looked at how business aviation will adapt to the new market when the downturn is over.
What can the industry do to work together?
Is now the time for new business models?
How will consumer behaviour change?
How many aircraft will be delivered?

Speakers included:
Neil Book, President and Chief Executive Officer, JSSI
Andrew Collins, president and CEO, Sentient Jet
Andy Hudson, founder, DownRoute
Aoife O’Sullivan, Partner, The Air Law Group
Craig Picken, founder, Northstar Group
Rollie Vincent, Creator, JETNETiQ, founder Rolland Vincent Associates

Looking at charter 
(22 April)

We asked the following questions:
What is happening now?
How big was the  boost at the start of the year?
Is there a big opportunity for charter as markets open up?
Will all operators survive?

Speakers included: 
Richard Koe, WINGX
Per Marthinsson, Avinode
Catherine Buchanan,  Vertis Aviation
Patrick Margetson-Rushmore, Luxaviation
Dawit Lemma,  Krimson Aviation
Adam Twidell, Private Fly
David Best, Jet Aviation
Justin Bowman, Air Charter Service
Richard Ziskind, Crystal AirCruises/Luxury Air

Aircraft sales & values (part 2)
(15 April)

Following on from last week’s panel another session looking at aircraft transactions and values.

Speakers included:
Tim Barber, Duncan Aviation
Richard Berkemeier, Pegasus Aircraft Appraisal Group
Don Dwyer, Guardian Jet
Brad Harris, Dallas Jet International
Janine Iannarelli, Par Avion
Anthony Kioussis, Asset Insight
Brian Proctor, Mente Group
Steve Varsano, The Jet Business

Aircraft sales & values (part 1) 
(8 April)

What is happening in the aircraft sales market – is everything still paused?
How quickly can we expect aircraft values to fall? 
What lessons should we remember from 2008 and 2009?
Will lower production rates make a difference to residual values this time?
How many aircraft will OEMs deliver or sell in 2020?

Speakers included:
Hamish Harding, Action Aviation
David Crick, DavAir
Jay Mesinger, Mesinger Jet Sales
Daniel Hall, Ascend

Around the world in 60 minutes
(1 April)

 The opening Town Hall took a look at the global impact of Covid-19 on business aviation

Speakers included:
Robert Baltus, EBAA
Rene Banglesdorf, Charlie Bravo Aviation
Abul Charafeddin, UAS International Trip Support
David Dixon, Jetcraft
Mike Francis, First Republic Bank
Tim Obitts, NATA


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