Sukhoi launches business jet variant of Superjet


Company launches business jet version at the Paris Air Show

Sukhoi and Alenia has announced the launch
of a business jet version of the SuperJet, based on the SSJ100/95, the SBJ will
be available in three different configurations: the VIP, the Corporate and the

“Today we are launching the VIP version
of SSJ100 aircraft, which is the first development of the aircraft platform.
The SSJ100 aircraft currently in operation with two airlines brings together
unsurpassed comfort and economic efficiency which is a perfect combination for
the future success of the aircraft as a VIP version in the segment of large
business jets” said Mikhail Pogosyan, the president of the United Aircraft
Corporation and general director of Sukhoi Holding.

“We are very proud to announce the new
the Business configuration of the SSJ100. We decided to launch this new model
in the frame of an enlargement of the new generation SSJ100 family. The SBJ is
a modern and competitive aircraft based on innovative technologies. Our aim is
to meet Customers needs with tailored solutions. With the aircraft in
operation, I am confident it will be much easier for us to prove the SSJ100
quality and efficiency to a wide range of customers” stated Mr. Giuseppe
Giordo, chief executive officer of Alenia Aeronautica and Responsible for
Finmeccanica’s Aeronautics sector.

The certification of the new SBJ is
scheduled for the beginning of 2014 with the first deliveries accordingly.