Satcom Direct transitions tax reporting service to MySky


Satcom Direct’s (SD) Tax Reporting Service has transitioned to financial management platform, MySky. The move will give US-based customers more access to tax reporting and financial tools in a standardised format.

An expansion of the existing partnership between SD and MySky, Ryan DeMoor (inset), who has been running SD Tax Reporting for over five years, is joining MySky to lead the expanded division.

DeMoor, head, Aviation Tax at MySky and vice-chair on the NBAA tax committee, said: “Most corporate aircraft have some degree of personal use, which increases the complexity of the aviation industry’s reporting requirements and can often result in a high level of scrutiny from external stakeholders.”

Kiril Kim, CEO and founder, MySky, added: “MySky Tax Reporting Solutions complements our existing products and is another step forward to making operations smoother and more transparent within our sector. We are delighted to welcome Ryan and his team to MySky and combine our knowledge and experience to offer fully integrated financial support to the business aviation community.”

MySky Tax Reporting Solutions has three tiers. These range from basic VAT and tax recovery through a partnership with, VAT IT USA, to a full advisory service offering reporting, strategy, and compliance with FAA, Inland Revenue Service (IRS) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations.

Chris Moore, president, Satcom Direct, said: “Merging the existing SD Tax Reporting system with the powerful MySky financial platform, gives customers greater control of aviation records and costs, and associated tax obligations. Access to fiscal and flight operations management through a digital platform elevates industry standards through the sharing of synchronised, accurate data across all members of the organisation.”