Pilatus presents the Uniquely Versatile PC-24 Cabin


Pilatus PC-24 HB-VSA

18 May 2022 – A business jet designed for flexible use must have an interior which can be reconfigured to suit different missions. And that is exactly what the Pilatus PC-24 Super Versatile Jet offers. To demonstrate this flexibility, Pilatus has produced a video which presents the different configuration possibilities.

Unlike other business jets, the PC-24 stands apart on account of its unrivalled flexibility. In a new video, Pilatus invites viewers inside the spacious cabin of the Super Versatile Jet and shows, step by step, how easy it is to reconfigure the PC-24 to each particular mission.

A highly modular cabin

Pilatus offers nine unique cabin configurations, ranging from an eight-seat interior to a fully equipped air ambulance. The cabin boasts an entirely flat floor, a lavatory and passenger seats which can be removed to create space for more cargo – depending on the mission in hand.

In the video, Pilatus Marketing Technical Specialist, Andrew Westfall shows viewers the advantages of a 6+2 cabin configuration comprising six executive seats in a club layout and two commuter seats. The seats can be stowed in the rear of the twinjet, still leaving plenty of space for luggage and other goods. The ergonomic quick-release passenger seats swivel 180 degrees or recline to travel in comfort at all times.

A unique cargo door

The large cargo door and flat floor make it easy to load and transport heavy and bulky items such as motorcycles, standard pallets, gurneys, machinery, surf boards, and so much more. The flat floor is equipped with four seat rails that extend the entire length of the cabin underneath the carpet, and tie-down straps conveniently attach to the rails allowing flight operations to transport more than one tonne of cargo. Can your business jet do that? Take a look at the video to see how quickly the PC-24 Super Versatile Jet can be converted and loaded with four electric mountain bikes.


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