Piaggio Aero Industries becomes Piaggio Aerospace


Piaggio Avanti EVO

Piaggio Aero Industries unveils itself as Piaggio Aerospace at NBAA 2014 in Orlando.

The new Piaggio Aerospace identity reflects significant changes taking place at the company.

Alongside the Avanti EVO twin-turboprop business aircraft, the company builds both manned and unmanned aircraft, based on the fully certified P.180 Avanti turboprop.

Alberto Galassi, chairman of Piaggio Aerospace, says: “Piaggio has a history of elite craftsmanship and continuous innovation. The evolution to Piaggio Aerospace embraces every moment of our distinguished history and embraces our continuing evolution.”

“Thanks to the support of our shareholders, Piaggio Aerospace is better prepared than ever to expand and reaffirm its commitment to making superbly crafted, innovative aircraft and highly technological aerospace products,” Galassi adds.

Carlo Logli, CEO of Piaggio Aerospace, says: “The emergence of a new identity for Piaggio Aerospace is perfectly timed to signify the major changes taking place within the Company to prepare it for a bright and rising future.

“Already this year we have seen a historical move to bring all our manufacturing facilities under one roof with the construction of an advanced manufacturing facility in Villanova d’Albenga, Italy, from where we will deliver our cutting age business aviation and security and defense aircraft.”

The company has a number of plans in place including the new Avanti EVO turboprop unveiled at EBACE 2014.

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Other developments such as the unmanned Piaggio Aerospace P.1HH HammerHead and the Piaggio Aerospace MPA (Multirole Patrol Aircraft) are also being worked on and being developed further within the company.