Nomad Aviation offers EU Part NCC guiding and compliance services


Nomad Aviation

Nomad Aviation is offering guidance and compliance assistance to aircraft owners helping them to understand and comply with new EASA Part-NCC.

Rainer Schnurr, COO of Nomad Aviation said: “Owners of private jet aircraft want to make sure that they comply with the new EU Part NCC regulation applicable to their aircraft operation.”

“Nomad Aviation can ease operators’ uncertainty and answer their questions.”

Claude Neumeyer, CEO of Nomad Aviation added: “Nomad Aviation can ease operators’ uncertainty and answer their questions. They can include their aircraft in Nomad Aviation’s NCC operation under a highly professional management at very competitive rates. Principals benefit from Nomad Aviation’s supplier discounts, for example on fuel, insurance and handling-fees through the company’s unique economies of scale.”

Nomad Aviation, based in Switzerland, offers charter and aircraft management services. It operates a fleet of business aircraft ranging from light to ultra-long-range aircraft. The company has offices in Zurich/Kloten, Switzerland and Sliema, Malta.