MJET adds Global 5000


Bombardier Global 5000 joins MJET fleet

MJET has announced the
addition of a Global 5000 executive jet to its fleet. The Global 5000 is the first
aircraft to join the fleet in 2012 and the first Global-series business
aircraft to be managed by MJET.

The Global 5000 joins a fleet which already includes 6 other heavy jets,
including 3 Gulfstream large cabin long/ultra-long range and 3 Fokker 100EJ
bizliners. MJET also operates 2 super-mid-size Gulfstream G200 aircraft, as
well as 2 midsize Hawker 900XP.

“We are delighted to join the Global jet family, one of the most appreciated
large cabin series in the heavy executive jet operation today. Considering our
rich experience and specialization in large aircraft management, we look
forward to serve our new customer in the most efficient way. We also look
forward to new such high-performance aircraft additions to our managed fleet,”
says Dan Rusu, MJET’s asset manager.

MJET’s Global 5000 has been registered in Austria and will be based on a
major Eastern European airport.