Nextant sells first aircraft in New Zealand


Nextant 400XTi

Nextant Aerospace has sold its first aircraft in New Zealand, a Nextant 400XTi air ambulance to Skyline Aviation.

The aircraft has been purchased by Skyline Aviation which will operate it for its sister company The New Zealand Air Ambulance Service.

The Nextant 400XTi will add to Skyline’s aeromedical fleet of turboprops and helicopters. It will be available for charter throughout New Zealand and internationally.

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Mike and Annabel Toogood, company directors at Skyline said: “Our new Nextant 400XTi, together with our specialist clinical teams, will be the first fully accredited intensive care jet air ambulance service ever to be established in New Zealand. This new service will support our longer range Australasian, South Pacific Island and beyond aeromedical programme. By any measure, the 400XTi, with its latest technology, fuel-efficient engines, advanced avionics suite, cabin size, 2003 nm range, high speed, very competitive operating costs and safety record, is clearly the best choice for our operation.”

“Our investment in the Nextant 400XTi will ensure our Government, Assistance Company and private clients, together with our patients, have access to a quality of jet aircraft, clinical support and equipment not previously available in New Zealand and all on a very competitive basis,” added Mike Toogood.

This will be the first aircraft of this kind in New Zealand. Nextant delivered another 400XTi quick-change Air Ambulance to Australia three months ago.

Jay Heublein, Nextant executive vice president of Global Sales and Marketing said: “John Oppenheim and his team at Nextant Pacific have once again demonstrated the value of the Nextant 400XTi not only as a business tool but also as a life-saving medical instrument. With this aircraft’s air ambulance applications and a launch of the Nextant G90XT air ambulance expected later this year we are prepared to meet strong demand for aeromedical aircraft in the region.”

John Oppenheim, Nextant Pacific managing director said: “New Zealand is a key conquest market for us, so we are delighted to have achieved our first sale into the country. With Skyline, we believe we have partnered with one of the premier aviation companies in the region. Their high profile operation will allow us to showcase the strengths of the 400XTi brilliantly.”

The new Nextant 400XTi is expected to be delivered and commisioned in mid-December 2014.

In January 2013, Corporate Jet Investor flew on a Nextant 400XT. Watch the video below