Netjets Europe showcase the new Bombardier Global 6000


NetJets Europe launched a preview tour of the Bombardier Global 6000, which offers the longest range and the largest cabin space out of Netjets’ entire fleet.

Bombardier Global 6000

NetJets Europe launched a preview tour of the Bombardier Global 6000 jet on Tuesday 2 October, which will soon offer the longest range at 13 hours, and the largest cabin space out of Netjets’ entire fleet of 800 aircraft.

The aircraft is part of the record-breaking order that the fractional jet ownership company placed in March 2011 for up to 120 Global jets from Bombardier worth $6.7bn (including options). Now, NetJets Europe is preparing to take delivery of its first Global 6000 jet in December – worth $58.5m – and expects another three jets before the end of the year.

Customers can buy shares of the aircraft starting at 1/16th, which allow owners to fly 50 hours per year and cost $3.1m. NetJets has already sold 75% of the first two Global 6000s and expects a further surge in interest as a result of the tour, which gave prospective customers the chance to view the aircraft at a series of static display events in London, Geneva, Moscow and Istanbul.

Corporate Jet Investor was fortunate enough to fly on the leg of the tour between TAG Farnborough Airport and Geneva International Airport, and noted the remarkably quiet cabin and smooth landing of the spacious jet.

The aircraft that NetJets Europe will be operating (pictured above) will differ slightly from the Bombardier jet that is being displayed on the tour, with a sleeker, more contemporary interior, incorporating ostrich leather and African Sapele wood surfaces. The company has also decided to take the jet without the shower option, in order to carry more baggage. The spacious cabin area measures at 8ft by 48ft and offers seating for up to 14 passengers. There is also a toilet by the cockpit, a galley and a private stateroom towards the back of the aircraft.

Marine Eugene, Sales of Director of NetJets Europe, said: “With the long-range capabilities of the aircraft, alongside its operating efficiency, interior comforts and reliability, it will be ideally suited to European corporations and individuals looking to expand and do business in high-growth markjets in the BRIC economies and beyond.”

The recession saw Netjets flights fall by 18 per cent in 2009, but in the wider picture, the company has reported a 22% increase in total flight movements between 2004 and 2011. So far, 2012 has seen a similar amount of flight movements when compared with the same period in previous year.