myairops’ Trip Support launch ‘a natural step’


myairops has expanded their market offering to provide Trip Support as part of its managed flight support services portfolio. 

A leader in the SaaS air operations software market with over 30 years of development experience, in combination with real-world operational flight planning knowledge and global trip support coverage, providing trip support is a natural move said Tim Ford, President & Managing Director.

To build better technology that drives efficiency and automation we need to understand the services that our customers provide and need. Having both the underpinning technology products and highly skilled staff, who have experience across the entire spectrum of flight operations, really does set us apart from others in the industry.”

myairops new service offering includes Trip Planning and Support, Flight Planning, and In-Flight Support. myairops can work alongside existing software solutions, or can provide an end-to-end managed service. Whilst the services can be purchased either as an annual commitment or pay-as-you-go.

Ford said it’s important to note this is not a hastily planned capability rather it is an experienced team that has become part of myairops’ business.

Ford explained: “This team is experienced with business aviation, commercial aviation and special missions operations, such as air ambulances, across both fixed wing and rotary wing. We have extensive skill across a myriad of flight planning tools and we are happy to offer our services in conjunction with products that our customers already have in place.”

You can access trip support without purchasing myairops’ software products. That said it has also integrated its trip support team within its myairops flight product.

An example Ford gives is: “Where we currently provide International Trip Support to US operators when they are travelling to Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Were pleased to be able to offer a combination of our highly skilled team with our own technology suite, which drives automation and intelligent decision-making, to help our customers deliver aspects of their business operation in a cost-effective, efficient way. To build better automation and to use technologies such as AI/ML, its important for us to utilise the operational delivery staff to provide both enhancements to our products and the delivery of our services. Its a virtuous cycle where the product and service drive their mutual advancement.”

Find out more about myairops here or contact the team at [email protected].

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