JETNET and ACC sign an agreement


Agreement between companies will allow JETNET clients to obtain the ACC business aviation cost software programme at a discounted rate

JETNET and Aircraft Cost Calculator (ACC) have announced
that the ACC program will be offered to JETNET customers at a discounted rate.

“We’re very pleased to expand our services by making
the ACC program available to our customers at a considerable savings,” said
Vincent Esposito, president of JETNET. “We know the hurdles our customers must clear
when justifying costs of aircraft purchases for their clients, and it’s always
been our goal to provide them with every tool available to make their jobs more
efficient. In today’s marketplace it’s imperative to have the most comprehensive
business aviation intelligence, and this is where JETNET and ACC share a unique

“In today’s uncertain times, it is critical to have
the best tools to make fiscally sound buying and selling decisions,” said Chris
Doerr Jr, ACC president. “Our partnership with JETNET is designed to
accelerate adoption and provide users with data, including initial investments,
maintenance and management fees, fuel costs and depreciation, for nearly 200 of
the most popular jets and turboprop aircraft.”

“We simply love it,” says Curt Banglesdorf, Charlie
Bravo Aviation president, current JETNET subscriber and ACC user. “ACC allows
my researchers and sales team to engage potential and current clients in a way
that has redefined the sales process!”

JETNET customers can easily access a complete
demonstration of the ACC program through their Evolution Cost of Operation
window. By contacting their JETNET representative and obtaining a priority
promo code, current JETNET customers will be able to purchase the ACC program
at a discounted price.

“ACC is in a class of its own,” said Doerr, “We are
not content with the status quo and will continue to improve and capitalize on
the technologies that people demand in today’s marketplace.”