Jet Aviation Geneva completes hangar refurb


Jet Aviation Geneva hangar

Jet Aviation Geneva has completed a six-month hangar refurbishment, which was begun in March 2014. There was no reduction in maintenance services to customers throughout the refurbishment.

The refurbishment involved installing a new resin floor and a new drainage system. New supply stations for air, water, electricity and network connections were also fitted and the hangar walls painted.

To limit interference with ongoing maintenance projects, the construction was carried out in three phases, closing one-third of the hangar floor during each stage. All offices were also refreshed with paint and a new layout, including new ceiling, walls, flooring, lights and heating systems.

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Cyril Martiniere, managing director of Jet Aviation Geneva, says:“We are very pleased to upgrade our hangar facility. Our new flooring and drainage system offer numerous benefits in terms of efficiency and a potentially healthier environment, and the improved appearance reflects our commitment to the highest standards.”

Jet Aviation Geneva was founded in 1969 and offers maintenance, refurbishment and FBO services.

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