IADA adds new products and services expertise

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Dallas, Texas – 26 July 2021 – Three new Products and Services members have been verified and accepted by the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA).

The latest companies to join the growing ranks of IADA’s Verified Products and Services members are Engine Assurance Program (EAP), headquartered in Dallas; Omni Aircraft Maintenance, in Tulsa, Okla.; and Asian Sky Media, located in Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

“The IADA Board of Directors extends a gracious welcome to EAP, and to Omni Aircraft Maintenance and Asian Sky Media,” said IADA Executive Director Wayne Starling. “All of our Verified Products and Services members, has been thoroughly vetted to assure adherence to the absolute highest ethical standards and experience.”

Wayne Starling

Starling added, “EAP is an all-new member of IADA. However, businesses associated with the other two new Products & Services members have been involved with IADA for some time. Omni’s maintenance business is a sister company of IADA-accredited dealer Omni Aircraft Sales and Asian Sky Media is a wholly-owned subsidiary of IADA-accredited dealer Asian Sky Group. Both companies have been important participants in the activities of IADA.”

IADA Products and Services members are companies whose primary focus is related to the support of aircraft transactions, whether their expertise is finance, legal, tax, escrow, or maintenance. The membership application process for Products and Services membership begins with an applicant completing an application. As part of the application process, the candidate will contact three IADA members to ask for their support as a sponsor. The IADA membership votes on new Products & Services applicants twice a year.


EAP is a fast-growing, high-quality hourly maintenance program for operators of private aircraft powered by Honeywell, General Electric, Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney engines. It was founded to fill a void in the marketplace.

The cost of engine maintenance coverage for mature aircraft has remained high despite the fact that the airframe, engines and parts are now available for significantly less cost. EAP takes advantage of these engine parts and services discounts and passes that value directly to its customers.

Engines served by EAP have logged millions of hours of service on more than 30 different aircraft applications. EAP focuses specifically on older engine platforms and saves owners money with our single source solution which offers many cost saving advantages. Operators can save as much as $80-$100 per engine per hour using EAP’s hourly maintenance plan.

Asian Sky Media

Asian Sky Media (ASM), a wholly owned subsidiary of Asian Sky Group (ASG), assists clients with brand development and positioning in the region, as well as evaluating strategic options for growth. ASM publishes a dozen industry-leading reports on the business jet, helicopter, and charter fleets in Asia-Pacific, as well as reports on general aviation, infrastructure, and training schools across the region.

Asian Sky Media has been recognised by the Asian Business Aviation Association as the Best Media Company in Asia-Pacific four years in a row and is the leading brand provider for the general and business aviation industry in the region. Asian Sky Fleet Reports are produced by ASG’s aviation consulting team, in collaboration with Asian Sky Media –a division of ASG focusing on media, publications and aviation marketing services.

Through its marketing services, Asian Sky Media offers aviation companies online and offline opportunities to enhance brand awareness, develop a more strategic marketing plan and connect with target audiences in the Asia-Pacific region and worldwide.

Omni Aircraft Maintenance

Omni Aircraft Maintenance was formed with industry partners in mind. After decades of maintaining an in-house charter fleet, Omni is able to provide service backed by a nearly 40-year history of safety, reliability and service excellence.

Services include:

  • On-Site Airframe Inspections
  • Avionics Troubleshooting and Testing
  • AOG Services
  • Component Replacements
  • Engine Periodic Inspections
  • Paint and Interior Restoration
  • Weight & Balance
  • Consulting Services

A sister company, Omni Air Transport, has nearly 40 years’ experience as a private jet operator with an unrivalled in-house aircraft maintenance team. From personal experience, Omni knows the importance of safety, timeliness, and consistent communication.