Honda Aircraft Company and Volato offer lifeline to Jet It owners


Honda Aircraft Company and fractional firm Volato are both offering  help to  HondaJet fractional owners who have been hit by Jet It’s decision to suspend operations last week.

Jet It grounded its 21-strong fleet of HondaJets on Friday May 19th. Initially, the company blamed safety problems with the HondaJet aircraft but later went on to also ground its Phenom 100 aircraft. On Wednesday May 24th, Jet It told owners it would no longer operate their aircraft.

Responding to questions raised by Jet It about the safety of HondaJet aircraft, Amod Kelkar, the manufacturer’s chief commercial officer and vice president, Customer Service said: The HondaJet remains a reliable and safe aircraft to operate, and we reaffirm our confidence in the aircraft’s safety through our engineering and analysis.”

Honda also revealed today it had formed a team to help Jet It owners find alternative aircraft management options for their aircraft. The manufacturer is to provide fractional owners with free aircraft parking at its headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina for up to 90 days. The offer includes the provision of pilot services to relocate the aircraft to the Honda Aircraft Company’s facility. The offer is intended to ensure a smooth transition for impacted fractional owners of the HondaJets, said the light jet manufacturer.

“We understand the challenges faced by fractional owners who have been impacted by the suspension of their aircraft management after being released from contract by Jet It and are now seeking alternative arrangements,” said Kelkar from Honda Aircraft Company . “Consistent with our dedication to customer satisfaction, we have developed and established this assistance plan for those HondaJet owners in need of additional support during this transition period.”

Volato reported significant interest in its services from Jet It owners after the fleet was grounded. The fractional firm is offering HondaJet owners short-term leases and relocation pilots, Volato told Corporate Jet Investor. Don’t miss our One Minute Week newsletter for the latest insight on what the Jet It suspension means for the private jet industry.