GAMA: Industry delivers more business jets in 2022 despite supply chain issues


The General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) says manufacturers delivered more aircraft in 2022 than 2021, despite supply chain challenges. 

However, deliveries increased by just two additional jets in the year – even though 2022 was the strongest year for private jet sales in the history of the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) – proving that supply chain challenges are still affecting the industry. 

All aircraft segments saw increases in shipments during the year according to GAMA. Preliminary aircraft deliveries were valued at $26.8bn, an increase of 6% compared with 2021. 

Business jet deliveries increased from 710 units in 2021 to 712 units in 2022, “despite workforce and supply chain challenges across our industry”, said Pete Bunce, president and CEO, GAMA. He added that the strength of the industry is “spurred on by the recognition that our industry is the safety and sustainability technology incubator for global civil aviation”. 

Of the 712 business jets delivered, 488 were manufactured in the US, and 80 manufactured in Europe. By delivery region, 68% were delivered to North America, 13% to Europe, 8% to Asia Pacific, 9% to Latin America and 4% to the Middle East and Africa.  

Phil Winters, vice chair, IADA congratulated GAMA on the increase in deliveries. He said: “Higher deliveries and the substantial backlog by GAMA member companies will contribute to further normalising the business aircraft resale marketplace, which is good news for aircraft buyers and sellers and our industry in general.”  

Wayne Starling, executive director, IADA added: “Continued increasing deliveries of turbine powered business aircraft demonstrate that the aircraft industry is continuing to successfully address supply chain issues which will bolster the depleted inventory of aircraft available for resale.” 

GAMA 2022 Aircraft Shipment and Billing report – at a glance 

The $26.8bn aircraft delivery value in 2022 included:  

  • Airbus Corporate Jets – $240m 
  • Boeing Business Jets – $166m 
  • Bombardier – $6bn 
  • Cirrus Aircraft – $765m 
  • Dassault Aviation – $1.7bn 
  • Embraer – $1.4bn 
  • Gulfstream – $6.6bn 
  • HondaJet – $105m 
  • Pilatus – $908m 
  • Textron Aviation – $3.6bn.