flyExclusive, JetQuity launch residual value guarantee programme


Private jet charter experience provider flyExclusive announced that fractional owners of its Cessna Citation CJ3+ fleet can lock in a minimum value of their fractional share by participating in the JetQuity Protect residual value guarantee program.

“Transparency and innovation are at the core of our fractional model and continue to differentiate us in the marketplace,” said Brad Blettner, chief revenue officer, flyExclusive.

“The JetQuity Protect program offers a compelling proposition to our fractional customers by creating easier planning and certainty in their investment. We’re proud to further simplify the process of owning a private jet share and provide our customers with a best-in-class experience along the way.”

By paying a one-time fee upfront, owners can lock in a minimum value for their share of the jet. This protects them from the possibility that the market value of the jet could decline after five years.

In addition, regardless of how the jet market performs, the program guarantees they can sell their share for at least the predetermined price. If the market value of the jet happens to be higher than the guaranteed minimum after five years, the owner gets the higher amount.

The company said that the program provides certainty as to the future value of the asset while ensuring that fractional owners can sell their aircraft share at the guaranteed price.

flyExclusive owns and operates the second-largest fleet of Cessna Citation aircraft in the world, giving fractional owners guaranteed access to a large, versatile fleet of light, mid or super-mid aircraft with no monthly management fees.