Flexjet elevates health and wellbeing of owners with complementary Health Nucleus 100+ Premiere Diagnostics Screening


Flexjet Legacy 450

Cleveland, Ohio – 6 January 2021 – Flexjet LLC, a global leader in fractional private jet travel, today invited its Owners to receive complimentary, data-driven whole genome sequencing screenings from the Health Nucleus 100+ program. The goal is to help Flexjet Owners learn how they can live longer with a greater quality of life. This comprehensive, data-driven assessment from Flexjet’s brand partner, Health Nucleus, also includes whole body MRI and advanced blood biomarker analysis, all of which can provide a complete picture of health and health risks early, when they are most treatable.

“As a pilot, foreseeability and having a sense for what lies ahead is essential in aviation, and the same can be said about preemptive health screening,” said Flexjet Chairman Kenn Ricci. “Having personally undergone the Health Nucleus 100+ diagnostic screening, I believe our Owners will value the comprehensive insights, allowing them to better navigate towards continued wellness.”

At Health Nucleus’ spa-like campus in San Diego, CA, the physicians use a proprietary protocol to combine the test results with an analysis of the client’s genetic code. In total, the doctors gather 150 gigabytes of data which they use to assess the patient’s polygenic risk score. The 100+ program focuses on five areas that most commonly lead to loss of life and identifies them at their earliest stages when they are most treatable. They include cancer, heart disease, blood vessel disease (such as aneurisms), nerve degenerative disease (including Alzheimer’s) and metabolic disease (such as pre-diabetes and insulin resistance).

Far more advanced than the standard executive annual physical, the 100+ program’s year-long experience includes quarterly check-ins and wearable devices for real-time feedback to manage risks of any disease or disease risk discovered.

Flexjet’s approach to identifying brand partners is so much more than a logo placed on a webpage or a minimal discount. Flexjet seeks out brand partners which can offer its Owners meaningful experiences, and these partners must share Flexjet’s high standards in customer service and innovation. Health Nucleus exceeds those requirements on all levels.

“We have taken aggressive steps since the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic to protect our Owners from the risk of coronavirus exposure while onboard our aircraft and in our facilities,” said Flexjet Chief Executive Officer Michael Silvestro. “By providing access to the Health Nucleus 100+ diagnostic screening, we are protecting our Owners in another way. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that one’s health and well-being are paramount, and I hope our Owners will avail themselves of this offering which will help them live their best life.”

Health Nucleus can provide access to more than 2,500 clinicians at Massachusetts General Hospital and other top hospitals for consultation on complex medical problems and conditions. Health Nucleus is part of Human Longevity, Inc., a genomics-based company working to revolutionize the practice of medicine.