First SR Technics VIP aircraft redelivered on time


SR Technics achieves on time redelivery

SR Technics successfully redelivered its first VIP aircraft on-time in mid-February 2012, to an undisclosed Middle Eastern customer.

The widebody aircraft was reconfigured from a conventional airliner configuration into a modern aircraft interior with tailor-made VIP elements. As part of the modification, the latest VIP In-flight Entertainment (IFE) system and a new power system, among other features have been installed.

The work was completed in the Bogenhangar in Zurich; SR Technics’ dedicated VIP completion centre which opened in May 2011.

During the refurbishment and completion, the Airbus aircraft underwent a C-check.

SR Technics secured production organisation approval (EASA 21G) from the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Aviation (FOCA) in December 2011 during the VIP completion.

“This has been an exciting first project for our VIP and MRO teams in Zurich and we are delighted to have successfully completed our first modification and refurbishment project within the tight timeframe agreed with the customer. Our ability to offer VIP completion services in parallel with MRO activities brings many advantages, not least reducing down-time when the aircraft is non-operational,” comments André Wall, president at SR Technics.

“As a result of the performance delivered by SR Technics on the first aircraft, we are pleased to announce that we have signed an MOU for our second aircraft. This is testament to high quality standards our entire project team aspire and deliver to.”