First Global 7500 equipped with dual head-up display delivered


Bombardier has delivered the first Global 7500 aircraft equipped with a dual head-up display (HUD) the Canadian OEM announced yesterday (August 24th).

“The delivery of the first Global 7500 aircraft with a dual HUD showcases our outstanding commitment to safety,” said Michel Ouellette, Senior Vice President, Program Management and Engineering, Bombardier Aviation. “This cockpit is designed to put technology and automation at the service of the crew, rather than creating technology that the crew has to manage.”

The HUD on the Global 7500 aircraft is equipped with enhanced and synthetic vision systems to increase situational awareness. The second HUD builds on these advantages, with benefits including increased contribution from the co-pilot during HUD-assisted operations, easier switching between pilot flying and pilot monitoring as well as redundancy during low-visibility approaches.

The Global 7500 aircraft is equipped with the latest Bombardier Vision flight deck, featuring automation that remains at the service of the crew. Including fully automatic fuel transfer and cabin pressurisation management, and simple start-up sequences. Automated, self-diagnostic, electronic checklists ensure accuracy, according to Bombardier, and relieve manual tasks while providing full visibility to crew.

Global 7500 Dual HUD