ExecuJet: ’No year quite like this one’


Celebrating the company’s two decades in business, ExecuJet’s Grant Ingall, said there has been no year quite like this one in the preceding 20. The MRO services provider’s regional Vice President for Australasia, Ingall told Corporate Jet Investor: “No other period comes close. This is unprecedented”. 

ExecuJet MRO Service’s business in the past six months has shifted almost completely to maintenance projects undertaken from its bases. Ingall said: “We have been fortunate to secure a steady pipeline of work to keep us going. Previous to that, it was also comprised of a lot of line maintenance, drop-in and aircraft-on-ground [AOG] support. With international visitors at near zero and domestic flying significantly restricted, the operations part of the business is not there.” 

ExecuJet was established in Sydney in October 2000 as an Authorised Service Centre (ASC) for Gulfstream and Bombardier. Since then, the company has opened maintenance facilities in Melbourne in 2008; Wellington, New Zealand in 2010; Perth in 2012; and Brisbane in 2019. 

Over the years, ExecuJet has played a key role in introducing many new aircraft types into the Australasian region. Since 2010, it has been an ASC for Embraer aircraft and is now also Falcon authorised, being wholly owned by Dassault since March last year. In addition, the company is an ASC for Honeywell, RollsRoyce and GE Engines and is also certified to work on most other business aircraft types, including various models of Beechcraft, Cessna and Hawker. 

ExecuJets Australian facilities are certified by seven civil aviation regulators. This includes civil aviation regulators in Southeast Asia, a region that has around 220 business jets. The business has steadily increased its workforce and now has over 70 full-time employees, 40 of which are licensed aircraft maintenance engineers. 

Looking to the next 20 years, Ingall said: “We will continue to add new capability as required for the aircraft manufacturers we support and provide an MRO network in order to promote business jet fleet growth in our region. The Asian region is on our doorstep and a much larger market so we will continue to offer a cost-effective option for those customers to complete heavy maintenance inspections in Australia.  

“We have come from a single base in Sydney when ExecuJet first started in Australia 20 years ago to the network we have today.  I expect similar growth and achievements over the next 20 years.”