ExecuJet Africa launches customs at Lagos


ExecuJet Africa Lagos hangar

Nigerian authorities will process all international business aircraft flights at the Executive Africa FBO.
ExecuJet Africa Lagos hangar

ExecuJet Africa’s Lagos hangar.

Execujet Africa is launching customs and immigration services at its fixed based operation (FBO) in Lagos, Nigeria.

Officials from the Federal Airport Authorities of Nigeria and the Nigerian Customs and Immigration Authorities will now process all international business aircraft arrivals and departures at the FBO.

Ettore Poggi, managing director of ExecuJet Africa, said: “These new services are a direct response to customer demand. Our passengers and crew can now enjoy a more efficient and comfortable passage when arriving or leaving Lagos. This additional capability reinforces our commitment to provide the highest level of customer service in Nigeria.”

ExecuJet Africa has also introduced on-ramp refuelling at the Lagos, with two dedicated Jet-A1 fuel tankers provided by MRS.

Peter de Waal, CEO of ExecuJet Aviation Nigeria, added: “The handlings at our Lagos FBO have increased considerably, almost doubling in the last six months. We are extremely proud of what we have achieved so far and of the response and support we have received from all parties, including our staff.”