Ew Bizjet – costing millions of Qapiks – now OK in Scrabble


Merriam-Webster, the American dictionary company, has announced that the word Bizjet can now be used when playing Scrabble. The word has been added to the 2018 Official Scrabble Dictionary

The company published the first official Scrabble dictionary in 1976. It is viewed as the official dictionary for American and Canadian English speakers playing Scrabble.

“For those of us who are not yet financially secure enough to afford a small business airplane of their own, we may now live vicariously by playing this word on the Scrabble board,” said Merriam-Webster in a statement. “Because playing a Z (10 points!) and a J (8 points!) in the same word is almost as good.”

Although this is only two points more than Zibet – an Asian civet – that uses five of the same letters for 16 points.

Bizjet is one of 300 words that have been added to the Scrabble dictionary. Others include OK, Frowny (showing a frown) Ew (used to express disgust), Twerk (to dance while shaking one’s buttocks), Beatdown (an overwhelming defeat) and Zomboid (resembling zombies).

American scrabble players are particularly excited by the introduction of Qapick, the official currency of Azerbaijan, as it is only the 20th word starting with the letter Q that does not include the letter U.

Scrabble players outside the US and Canada are still not able to use Bizjet as it is not included in the Collins Official Scrabble Dictionary.

“If you play scrabble at NBAA or Corporate Jet Investor Miami, lex situsrules say you should use Webster,” says Richard Pearson, founder of AVION Law, who is qualified both in English and in Californian law.