Enquiries for San Marino Aircraft Registry have risen


Since the San Marino Aircraft Registry was introduced, there has been significant interest in aircraft being registered in San Marino.

Since launching the concept of “Registration by Domicile” the San Marino Aircraft Registry has seen a significant rise in the number of enquiries regarding aircraft being registered in San Marino.

The San Marino Aircraft Registry (SMAR) has created a legal framework that offers aircraft owners flexibility in the ownership and operation of aircraft by foreign individuals and corporate entities.

As increasing numbers of businesses and enterprises become global entities Registration by Domicile is a policy that is perfectly suited to the current business practices. A classic example of how the Registration by Domicile policy is an effective solution includes the scenario where the president of a US based large organisation is a non-US citizen.

Speaking about the recent levels of interest in registrations with the San Marino Aircraft Registry, president, David Colindres said “We have known for some time that Registration by Domicile is a concept that matches the needs of aircraft owners and operators in the 21st century.”

Colindres continued “Many of them operate in a global economy and this policy delivers significant benefits, advantages and efficiencies while at the same time meeting the highest standards of safety. I believe this concept will have an immediate and far reaching impact on the registration of aircraft. As the first aircraft registry to offer Registration by Domicile I am sure that we have created a very beneficial solution for aircraft owners.”