Embraer Delivers Praetor 600 To South Korea


Embraer has delivered a Praetor 600 to South Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Seoul Regional Office of Aviation, Flight Inspection Centre.

The delivery marks the first Praetor 600 to be based in South Korea.

The aircraft will be used by the Flight Inspection Centre to perform a variety of flight inspection tasks, such as site surveys, surveillance, periodic inspections, procedure validation and ADS-B airborne checks. These missions are used to maintain and calibrate aeronautical navigational aids across South Korea.

“Embraer is proud to support South Korea’s Flight Inspection Centre in their mission to enhance the safety and efficiency of their airspace,” said Bosco da Costa Junior, president and CEO, Embraer Defence & Security.

Embraer worked with German Prime and Flight Inspection System manufacturer, Aerodata AG, who took delivery of the aircraft in 2022 to install the systems and equipment required to execute the required missions – including Aerodata’s AeroFIS flight inspection system.

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