Citation M2 first flight


Cessna’s newest Citation makes first prototype flight from Wichita

Citation M2Cessna’s new Citation M2 has
made its first prototype flight. The flight lasted a little more than an hour
and a half and included tests of the avionics system, autopilot, engine system,
aircraft systems and instrument approaches. The prototype took off and landed
at Wichita, Mid-Continent Airport.

“I am excited to say the aircraft performance, handling characteristics
and Garmin G3000 avionics were exceptional, just as we had anticipated,”
said Peter Fisher, Cessna’s engineering test pilot who flew the Citation M2.
“With this essential program milestone complete, we are looking forward to
a successful flight test program and FAA certification so our customers can soon
enjoy this great aircraft.”

“The Citation M2 development team is focused on bringing this program to
maturity, and their dedication is reflected in the speed in which the program
is moving forward,” said Brian Rohloff, Cessna’s Citation Mustang and M2
business leader. “Bringing this sleek airplane to market, so quickly,
strongly positions Cessna in the marketplace and allows our customers to take
advantage of its capabilities sooner.”

The Citation M2 can carry two flight crew and up to six passengers.