BAE Systems and Design Q unveil ABJ Fusion concept


BAE Systems and Design Q unveil ABJ fusion concept at NBAA in Atlanta. 

BAE Systems and leading UK design consultancy Design Q
at the NBAA in Atlanta unveiled their latest concept for the Avro Business Jet
(ABJ) at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Annual General
Meeting and Convention in Atlanta.

The ABJ Fusion
is the third of five innovative and exciting interiors commissioned by BAE
Systems Regional Aircraft from Design Q to meet different VIP aircraft market
segments. The first two, ABJ Explorer One
and Explorer Four, the ultimate ‘go-anywhere’ aircraft, were
unveiled last May in Geneva
at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition. The remaining two
interior concepts will be unveiled later this year and early in 2011.

The ABJ Fusion is aimed at the charter aircraft
market; product launches, sports teams, musicians, celebrities, exclusive
travel market, and corporate VIP. It is akin to a flying limousine service
providing a seamless and exclusive travel experience.

The ABJ Fusion blends the unique capabilities of the
aircraft with an interior that reacts to today’s modern global lifestyle and is
aimed at providing an aircraft environment that encourages passengers to
socialise during the flight. The latest expressive interior design trends and
aircraft lighting technology create a stylish and inspiring look, allowing
travellers to experience exquisite taste en route to their destination.

Among the various attributes of the ABJ that lend
themselves to fulfil this role is the ability to deploy air stairs at the front
and rear of the aircraft to provide an easy and elegant way for the passengers
to board in addition to reducing the need for ground support. The large cabin
interior, with no need for mid-cabin exits, means that the designers can
incorporate different ‘mood’ areas into the cabin to suit guests’ individual
tastes. The unbeatable price and value proposition of the aircraft will mean
that the end product will be at a price that is affordable for group travel.

In addition, the aircraft’s excellent airfield
performance and fully self-contained design allows operations from ‘up-country’
airfields to destination airports, and steep approach capability and
ultra-quiet operation to allow access to restricted, but perhaps more convenient
city-centre airports.

Stewart Cordner, Vice President Avro Business Jets,
said today: “Working with Design Q we are again breaking new ground with the
Avro Business Jet in seeking to understand a particular market segment we are
aiming for and designing bold and innovative interior concepts to match the

Gary Doy, Owner/Director of Design Q comments: “As our
lifestyle and travel requirements evolve there are some exciting opportunities
to develop the interior offering of business jets. The wide cabin of the ABJ in
conjunction with the latest entertainment and lighting technologies has allowed
us to develop a unique interior layout with a chameleon-like ability to change

Inside the ABJ Fusion the spacious forward entrance
leads through to a large open plan interior incorporating separate lounges
within the overall space. A bar and intimate seating area is located half way
down the aircraft underneath the wing box punctuating the uninterrupted view
down the cabin with a change in texture and colour. As there is no requirement
for additional exit doors in the mid cabin area this has allowed the design
team to develop an interior layout that concentrates on delivering a functional
and harmonious solution.

The interior can seat 19 passengers within the three
lounges in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. The mood lighting system allows
each lounge to be lit independently creating individual accents to reinforce
the way the lounge is being used at any one time. The forward lounge has a 50″
HD television monitor mounted on an offset and angled bulkhead providing a bold
visual focal point that can be seen from half way down the aircraft.  A
discrete library is also incorporated into the forward lounge and stocked with
the latest magazines which will be of interest to the customer.  The
angled bulkhead also allows for a large forward VIP lavatory, making the most
use of the space available and adding an additional window to the room over
what is generally provided.

The large rear lounge incorporates an informal seating
layout along with a club 4 and club 2 seat at the aft end. The lounge backs on
to an impressive galley adding both interest and a modern informality to the
catering offer. Passengers are encouraged to talk with the cabin crew and
choose from the selection of beverages and nibbles laid out on the angled
serving worktops. The overall effect is one of sophisticated informality which
is believed will appeal to a cross section of VIP customers.