Asset Insight and Bluetail enter agreement to provide owners and operators preferential services and additional value


Asset Insight

9 February 2021 – Asset Insight, LLC announced a collaborative agreement with Bluetail, Inc. Bluetail will be providing Asset Insight clients with paper-to-digital services and their cloud-based aircraft records platform at a special price, while Asset Insight will provide Bluetail’s clients with free access to Asset Insight’s eValues System that includes current and residual value estimates, maintenance expense planning analytics, and aircraft remarketing potential.

“We are excited to announce this relationship with Bluetail as the first of many agreements to ultimately provide Asset Insight clients with a comprehensive offering of useful, quality services, at preferential pricing,” said Tony Kioussis, president of Asset Insight, LLC. “Our goal is to help customers simplify and improve the overall aircraft ownership experience and allow them to manage their asset with useful knowledge and tools.”

“The value Bluetail brings to aircraft owners has been established by the breadth of our customer base,” stated Stuart Illian, Bluetail’s Co-Founder. “Any aircraft owner can see the value of going digital, versus the tedium, inefficiency, and security concerns of maintaining records in cumbersome binders, boxes and in paper form. Bluetail digitizes all types of records via our secure nationwide scanning centers, making all words and forms searchable using a process that is easy, fast and, most importantly, ensures their safety and security.”

The relationship between Bluetail and Asset Insight is a natural fit as both companies seek to help business aircraft owners, and the teams that support them, to improve their processes and quality of timely, actionable information, whether for a single aircraft, or an entire fleet.  Both companies have developed sophisticated tools that utilize Artificial Intelligence and advanced machine learning to cultivate comprehensive data sources that are simple for users and deliver powerful results.

To utilise the benefits of this arrangement, all a customer needs to do is engage either company for their services and the connection will be made for extension of the other’s services.