Alexander Simic is appointed as Chairman of the Board of Directors of FTC


Alexandar Simic

7 August 2020 – Dr Aleksandar Simic, formerly Technical Director of FTC Consulting AG, has been officially confirmed as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the international group of companies.

The group head is an international aviation expert with more than thirty-five years of experience in the airline industry. Over decades of work in commercial and business aviation, Dr Simic has gained significant expertise in the areas of flight safety and quality management, CAMO, as well as business administration and large infrastructure projects management. In the business aviation industry, he is recognised as a respected professional, energetic and efficient manager.

Simic is also known for his research and educational work in civil aviation. He is a professor and author of a number of books that have helped to raise a new generation of industry professionals. His research activities have contributed significantly to the studies of the human factor in aviation and to the improvement of flight safety.

Dr Aleksandar Simic joined the FTC team in 2018 as Technical Director, responsible for the flawless technical condition of the company’s entire fleet, ensuring its airworthiness, compliance with all regulatory directives and manufacturers’ recommendations, making engineering changes and improvements to aircraft, as well as for cooperation with contractors, partners and industry regulators.

After taking up his new role in early June, Simic has completed the incorporation of Swiss Executive Aviation GmbH company as well as several acquisitions of Embraer Legacy 650 aircraft that were previously postponed due to the pandemic. As part of these transactions, new qualified pilots were hired. The aircrafts were registered in San Marino (T7) Register, where FTC has a branch office and an AOC.

The Chairman is planning to further improve and introduce new services, including digital ones, in the company.

The FTC Business Jet Management team welcomes Dr Simic’s appointment as Group Leader and appreciates his knowledge, broad industry expertise and approach to managing the company.